Member of Master Electricians

We are delighted to announce that Solar Partners NZ are now a proud member of the Master Electricians.

Master Electricians is a professional trade organisation for electrical contracting businesses in New Zealand. They have over 1000 members and employ around 6,000 electrical workers and are the only electrical contracting trade organisation.

Members operating under the Master Electricians brand can safeguard the quality of their workmanship, providing extra assurance to customers.

Solar systems have a lifetime of at least 25 years on your rooftop, and have to be installed correctly and meet all the required standards for solar. You should always check to make sure your installer has the correct license training and qualifications

Training forumSolar Partners NZ  believe in the value of hands-on teaching, and our courses include as much practical teaching as possible. All of our trainers are certified installers of renewable energy systems. Our solar PV training course is structured to allow you, as a new entrant into the solar industry, to become a competent and confident installer. After successfully completing this training you will have the skills to install solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems.

This course is suitable for any electrician who wants to become a domestic solar Installer.

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